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Classes in North London Yoga
Gentle Hatha Yoga

Classes are suitable for beginners, those with injuries and students seeking a more gentle relaxing class.  Movements are done slowly with awareness to how the body is feeling and responding to the postures.  It may also contain some more challenging options but will always start with the basic posture so that you can choose what feels right for your body according to your individual needs.  This class will leave you feeling open and light and the mind very relaxed.

Restorative Yoga
This special online class is suitable for all levels including seniors and those with injuries.  The class starts with some Restorative Yoga postures with the body in supported positions allowing the nervous system to relax fully bringing all the benefits of the posture without any effort involved. The second half of the class will be Yoga Nidra a deep relaxation technique allowing the body to let go and release deeper tensions and stress. You can be seated comfortably or lying down for the relaxation.  A perfect way to let go of any physical or emotional tensions and calm the mind.

Sivananda Yoga
Sivananda is traditional Hatha yoga based on 12 classical postures and always starts with pranayama (breathing exercises). Stimulating the body and relaxing between postures with a long final relaxation gives the nervous system the rest and repair we so desperately need. While the physical body gains strength and flexibility, working with the breath develops concentration calming the mind and emotions. Based on a spiritual philosophy integral yoga is taught as a lifestyle including proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, positive thinking & meditation.

Beginners 5 Week Course
Based on Sivananda traditional Hatha yoga each class will focus on a different set of postures over 5 weeks.  It is a rolling course so you can join any time and complete your set of 5.  At the end of the 5 sessions new variations will be studied so you can repeat the course again if you wish or continue as a long term student.  The current course content is: Week 1 - Backbends/forward bends, Week 2 - Standing poses, Week 3 - Twists, Week 4 - Pranayama (breathing exercises), Week 5 - Sun Salutation sequence/core strength.

Hatha Yoga
This class is suitable for all levels and contains a mixture of flowing sequences and still postures focusing on the breath and alignment. Postures may be challenging at times but there is help where needed for beginners and more advanced variations for those who have practiced before.  The class will leave you feeling energized but also relaxed.

Slow Flow
Slow flow is a flowing practice which is suited to all levels including beginners. It is an ideal class for students who enjoy flowing classes but at a slower pace. The class will start with warming up, then a flowing sequence of postures with an emphasis on mindful movement and alignment, ending in warm down / relaxation. The flow will include basic postures with optional variations for more advanced students.

Hatha Flow
The class is suitable for those without any major injuries or physical limitations.  It starts with deep breathing and a warm up then the main part of the class is made up of flowing sequences of postures.  There are some still postures to finish and a relaxation at the end. This is a dynamic but balanced practice leaving you feeling calm, vibrant and refreshed.

Dynamic Hatha Flow
The class is suitable for those without any major injuries or physical limitations.  This more dynamic form of Hatha yoga helps to build strength, increase flexibility and is suitable for those who would also like to include a slight cardio workout within their practice.  The main part of the class is made up of flowing sequences of postures with the emphasis on breath awareness and alignment to enable the mind and body to unite.  There is a deep relaxation at the end of the class. The Dynamic classes require a higher level of fitness and ideally some experience of yoga.

Kids Yoga
Using games and visualisation yoga helps kids channel their energy in a positive and fun way.  Short relaxations and deep breathing between the postures help develop focus and concentration in a calming and safe environment. Suitable for ages from 5-10 years.

Teen Yoga
Teenage years can often be difficult and Yoga can help find a balance when all else is changing.  Strengthening the physical body, calming the mind and emotions and helping to find deep relaxation.  Meeting other teenagers in the group can be a positive and fun way to exercise and relieve stress. Suitable from Age 11-16.

Pregnancy Class
This class is suitable for those who are past the first three months of their pregnancy.  The class will be stimulating but always in a controlled and careful way.  The body is more flexible during pregnancy and yoga can help build stamina and strengthen the core muscles needed for childbirth.  Practising deep breathing and relaxation will help balance the mind and emotions.

The class is suitable for all levels from complete beginners to those who already have a regular practice.  Meditation helps to relax the physical body and calm the nervous system, it also helps to focus the mind and balance the emotions.  Meditation allows us to draw the senses away from the fast pace of the external environment and find a calm still and quiet place on the inside.

Tibetan Bowls (Sound Healing)
Tibetan Singing Bowls create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.  Creating the perfect state for deep relaxation of the body and nervous system, it restores the natural flow of energy through the chakras and gives a subtle internal massage to all the body cells.  The soothing vibrations have a grounding and centering effect on the nervous system leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and balanced.

Deep Relaxation Class
This special online class is to help find deep relaxation in the fast pace of life. It will be a mixture of breathing practices, meditation and guided relaxation (yoga nidra). Suitable for all levels including seniors and those with injuries. You can be seated or lying down in any comfortable position or use a chair if preferred.

One to One
Individual sessions are available by appointment for those who wish to work privately with a teacher to meet their specific needs.  This can be helpful if there are particular medical conditions or injuries or to build confidence before joining a group class. Please Contact Us to arrange an appointment.