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North London Yoga Workshops

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement with Steve Yang Saturday 13th Oct 4:00-6:00pm £20

The Feldenkrais Method uses our experience of movement to increase awareness of ourselves and to find more comfort in our day to day activity.
Open to all Ages & Abilities the workshop will guide you through a series of movements keeping your attention on how easily or smoothly these movements are being made. You may recognize parts that experience difficulties and movements or postural patterns which you commonly use.  This can help you find alternatives to these habits allowing you to move with greater ease or efficiency.
There will be an Introduction to Feldenkrais before the class and a chance to ask questions afterwards.

Steve is a chiropractor who also has many years of experience working in rehabilitation environments and is also qualified in a number of soft tissue techniques. He has a strong interest in movement work which has led him to undertake Feldenkrais training including Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes.

Teachers Hands-On Adjustments Workshop with Retheesh Kumar Sat 27th October 4:00-7:00pm £30

Open to all Yoga Teachers and Trainee Teachers this workshop is a practical guide to safely adjusting students during the yoga postures.
It will include common adjustments in all the basic postures as well as some more challenging asanas such as headstand and advanced variations.  This is a practical workshop and students will have the chance to receive and practice all the adjustments.
Retheesh is a sensitive and dynamic teacher always bringing a sense of fun to his classes and gives fantastic adjustments.  He is also qualified in Thai Yoga Massage & Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.
A perfect way to improve your teaching and complete some CPD before the end of the year!
With over 15 years of personal practice, and 8 years teaching experience Retheesh was born and studied extensively in India. He qualified as a teacher at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram and the Sthalam8 Ashtanga Centre in Mysore working in both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga styles. Following years of personal study he gained a professional qualification to enable to share his love of yoga and to pass on to his students the benefits to be gained from regular practice.