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North London Yoga Workshops

FREE Online Class Precision & Alignment in the Yoga Postures (All Levels)

Weds 30/12 10:00-12:00

As a Christmas present we are offering this FREE workshop which explores precision and correct alignment in the yoga postures.  Understanding the directions of extension and the correct actions can help you to feel the correct alignment of your body and discover a deeper level of practice.  Please email us first if you have any specific illnesses or injuries.
Michael has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. He is a dedicated Yoga Teacher with a strong personal practice and specialises in correct alignment in the yoga postures. The instructions he gives helps the student to better understand each posture and get the best from their yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga Chakra Workshops


There will be 8 live/online weekly hatha yoga workshops exploring the chakras (energy centres) in the yoga postures.  Full details coming soon!